Choose “DOUBLE DEFENSE” with Advanced Pipette for your dog!

The holiday season is behind us … but not mosquitoes and sandflies! They multiply in the warm weather, and can infect your dog with dangerous diseases. Don’t let them ruin your pets’ health: with the “DOUBLE DEFENSE” strategy against flying insects, our furry friends have never been so well protected.

Sunny days, long evenings, it’s time to go out for a walk or just kick back and relax. Unfortunately insects don’t take vacations, and summer is peak season for mosquitoes and sandflies!

That’s bad news for us, but also for our dogs because mosquitoes can carry dirofilariosis, the deadly “heartworm.” It is widespread in many Southern countries, such as Italy and Spain.

When an infected mosquito strikes, larvae are injected into the blood. They migrate towards the host animal’s heart and can cause serious and potentially fatal complications.

Peak season for mosquitoes and sandflies

Another major enemy: the sandfly. These little flies are silent but deadly. They may carry leishmaniosis, a disease caused by single-cell parasites which attack the vital organs (skin, kidneys, liver...).

Faced with these risks, protecting your dog is essential. The distribution of these dangerous mosquitoes and sandflies vectors is spreading. They are now present in the South of France and Southern Europe.

So what can you do? No need to panic or forbid your dog to go outside!

With DOUBLE DEFENSE, you can target both the vector and the disease. For many years, only traditional preventives against diseases were the standard of care. We can do much better now with DOUBLE DEFENSE! Scientists and veterinarians agree on it.

DOUBLE DEFENSE is the combination of an Advanced Pipette against flying insects and a disease preventive.

The best protection: DOUBLE DEFENSE!

How to use “DOUBLE DEFENSE"?

It’s a simple way of protecting pets against diseases (dirofilariosis, leishmaniosis) using classic treatments, paired with direct action against the vectors of those diseases: mosquitoes, sandflies. This is possible thanks to Advanced Pipettes with unique repellent properties. The ideal solution: the latest generation of pipettes.

Advantage of these pipettes: repelling sandflies and mosquitoes before they have a chance to bite. This makes it hard for the insects to attack your dog, and even more difficult to perform a blood-meal and to pass on their diseases!

Getting this DOUBLE DEFENSE is simple: each month, in addition to your usual disease prevention, apply an Advanced Pipette to your dog.

Choose the one that works best for your dog: easy-to-apply, soft for the skin ...and fast-acting. Some pipettes keep on working even after your dog has had a bath, or been for a dip in the sea. DOUBLE DEFENSE guaranteed!

All products are not equal in front of external parasites.

Only Advanced Pipettes are active against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and more, altogether. Advanced Pipettes act very fast to avoid parasite bites and disease transmission; they don’t just kill parasites after a while, but can repel them: oral parasiticides and many other pipettes don’t. Advanced Pipettes act directly on the pets’ coat, without any need to infiltrate their blood flow: again, oral parasiticides and some other pipettes don’t.

So, ask your vet for the Advanced Pipette protection.